I want to thank all who have supported Azorez Cattery over the years. Our kittens are only sold by reservation and we always have a waiting list, but from time to time we may have a kitten available.
This page is updated from time to time and is the place where you will find information on kittens and cats available to good homes. Please visit out Cattery Policy page for further information about placement of our cats or kittens.

PLEASE NOTE: Kittens are typically ready to leave at approximately 16 weeks of age.

Check for most current availablity status by contacting me via: or email

To help you know which kittens are available, please refer to the below key:
AVAILABLE = Kitten is currently available
RESERVED = Deposit received

Expected Upcoming Litters

Kittens from Spring 2020 litters are all placed now. The following are new litters expected end of Aug beginning of Sept:

Angel Felis Gulliver (Imp Czech Republic) & GC Azorez Zelda

Possible colors: Ebony, Chocolate & Cinnamon, all in Solid or Tabby Patterns: Classic, Spotted, or Mackeral.



Angel Felis Gulliver (Imp Czech Republic) & Azorez Morningstar Brilliance

Possible colors: Ebony, Chocolate & Cinnamon all in Solid or Tabby Patterns: Classic, Spotted, or Mackeral.



Angel Felis Gulliver (Imp Czech Republic) & Hobbikats Silver Fae of Azorez

Possible colors: Ebony, Chocolate & Cinnamon in Solid and Tabby Patterns: Spotted, & Mackeral.





Mamalonisiaoris Cinnabon


19 Jan 2018
SIRE: Imladris Indil Fairplay
Dam: Priscilla Amaltea Kallisto

Cinnabon is retiring and looking for his forever home. He is co-owned with Ted Stalcup of UltraVires Cattery and I and lives with Ted in California.

Note from Ted:

Dear friends,
It's time for one of the more difficult choices a breeder must make. What to do with a cat that is being retired from show or stud service.

Obviously we'd like to keep every single one because we get as attached to them as anyone, but if we kept them all we'd have three dozen cats in no time at all.

Cinnabon came to us a couple years ago and has successfully fathered several litters of beautiful cinnamon-colored kittens as striking as he is. At this point in his life, it's time for Cinnabon to have a person or a family to call his own.

Cinnabon is a big muscular oriental with a rich cinnamon top coat and a silver-white undercoat that shows through when he moves. He loves to run on his exercise wheel and adores his cat bed which he moves from place to place. Cinnabon is easily handled and loves to be scratched and rubbed.

Currently, Cinnabon is located in Northern California and will need to be neutered before he can be your pet. We would suggest waiting a few weeks after neutering to let his hormone levels taper off. Someone is going to get a big friendly boy when Cinnabon is finally retired.

Cinnabon's Pedigree



CH Azorez Bianca Snow Angel


DOB: 19 Dec 2016

SIRE: Rock-N-Roll Luana-Vodoley (Imp Russia)
Dam: Angel Felis Nelly of Azorez (Imp CZ)

Bianca is now available as a spay to a good home. Bianca is a sweet affectionate cat and would love to have more one on one attention.

At the time of this listing, our borders are currently closed due to COVID-19. Therefore, preference is for her forever pet home to be local to Vancouver BC Canada.

Bianca's Photo Album

Album with her daughter "Azorez Snowflake Sparkle"

YouTube Video of Bianca


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All Azoresz kittens live with 1 month of free medical coverage.




Azorez Cattery usually has a waiting list for our kittens and they are sold by reservation only. We often have as much as a six month wait, so reserve early for your kitten. Reservations are made by deposit only and deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE...NO EXCEPTIONS. Please read our policy pages before reserving a kitten.

All pet kittens are sold as alters and ready to leave already altered at 16 weeks of age. Price includes the nueter/spay all vaccinations, a health certificate from our Veterinarian and a limited guarantee for replacement if the kitten should die from any proven inherited problems.

Please Note: If you are a breeder looking for breeding stock from me please be aware, I have very strict rules as to who I release open kittens to. You must be an established breeder known to me and actively showing, and registering your cats with a recognised registry.


If you want to know what future litters are planned please refer to the Planned litters page for information on upcoming litters.

PayPal no longer accepted due to their charge back policies.

Preferred payment methods are Zelle and e-transfer, wire, Western Union, or MoneyGram.

If you are in Canada and wish to reserve a kitten, please use E-TRANSFER via your online banking for funds transfer. It is a service offered by most of the major Canadian Financial Institutions with customers who use online banking. Once you are ready to reserve a kitten with me, please contact me for a secret question and answer that is required for security.

Once you are ready to reserve a kitten with me, please contact me for a secret question and answer that is required for security.



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